Bottom Dwellers


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Drinkin' at the bar can get expensive! Just cuz we don't have money, doesn't mean we are gonna stay home and not drink. We gonna be drinkin' at the bar right next to your rich ass, with our own brew.


I’m drinking cheap, cuz that’s what I gotta do
I ain’t a rich bitch, and I consume mad brews.

Times are hard, but I still gotta drink
And still in the process prevent a financial sink.

I gotta get drunk but I can’t spend a fortune
So don’t look at me weird when I refill my portion

I’m sneakin this beer in to save a few bucks,
don’t look at me like I’m a fuckin' schmuck!

Times are hard.
Still gotta DRINK.

This right here is all I like to do,
fuck all you trendy upper class fools.

So break out the high life, natty, and colt
We’ll infest this bar and start a revolt!

Don’t shut me out of your world cuz I can’t afford it.

I just wanna drink my fucking beer!

In my regular day there’s no smile on my face
I’m just a broke down sucka that always out of place.

Always out of place.

Just let me enjoy my few hours of bliss
Cuz when I wake up in the morning it’ll all turn to piss.

Prestigious beer drinkers, I wish I could be you
Instead I’m in the bathroom chuggin’ down a brew.

3 beers for you
is 1 for me.
I can't afford
the life you lead.

Why can't
You fucking see
I still
Got to fuckin' drink!

Got to drink!

Cuz this right here
Is all I like to do.
Fuck all you trendy upper class fools.

Break out the high life, natty, and colt
We’ll infest this bar and start a revolt!

Against a overpriced beer at a bar
Sneak our own shit in and drink like a star.

Bottom dwellers in your bar, drinkin’
Bottom dwellers in your, in your,
in your bar, drinkin’.


from BROKE AS FUCK, released July 8, 2011



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