Fuck The Normies


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Fuck normal people.


I refuse to go to shitty bars, get all dressed up and pay a cover charge.
I have nothing in common with people like you, but in order to succeed I have to be like you?
Why the fuck do I have to change, when all you lame fucks all act the same?
People say I may never survive, but I’ll keep livin’ like a psycho until I die. Go!

I know what you think when you see my face
I’m a drunk, I’m a disgrace
But what’s worse is when I look at you & see the daily bullshit motions you go through.

I just wanna live my life this way, I don't give a fuck about what you say.

Fuck the world. Fuck everything. Fuck everyone. Fuck you!

Lets get wasted and go to the show, hangin out with my best bros, there’s no place I’d rather be.
Fuck the rest of you normies. Fuck the rest of you normies. I just wanna fuckin be me.

My outlook on life is so fucking different from you fucking normies.

Normy fucks want to bring me down, cuz I don’t think like every other clown. They make it seem as though my pain, is the result of me being insane. And they’ll always try to medicate my brain, but fuck that shit - the psycho will remain.

Don’t let this fucked up world bring you down, and act like every other motherfucker in ya town.
Get fucked up and go to a show, scream out loud and let ya feelings flow. OH!

Jump off stage
swing in the pit,
show this world,
you won’t quit

I just wanna live my life this way, I don't give a fuck about what you say.

Sometimes I wish I was like them, so I wouldn’t have this pain.
But then I realize that the pain I feel is the only fucking thing that’s real.


from BROKE AS FUCK, released July 8, 2011



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